What is Will’s World about?

The scope for this newsletter is loosely defined however I will be trying my best to platform heterodox ideas that you would not encounter in reading a news app or listening to the radio. I see a lot of cool stuff on the internet and I want to share these ideas with more people and that’s the purpose of Will’s World.

Why subscribe?

Reasons you should subscribe:

  • You are interested in heterodox/non-mainstream ideas.

  • You are interested one or some of the following topics:

    • Science

    • Technology

    • Health & Lifestyle

    • Policy

  • You like to laugh (every issue has some gags in it).


Will O'Brien
Irish. Passionate about radically improving public services through the use of technology. Founding team of Zipp Mobility. Steering committee of 18for0, a non-profit advocating for the use of nuclear energy in Ireland.